Maintenance Courses

Our bike maintenance group training days run on Saturdays from 10:30am to 4:30pm at our workshop on Elm Grove.

Level 1 – Getting to know your bike

At Level 1 we cover the skills you need to keep your bike running smoothly from week to week. We look at what needs oiling and cleaning regularly, how to keep your brakes and gears working as they should, and how to fix punctures. We also check your riding position: a good posture on the bike makes cycling a lot more comfortable, as well as avoiding potential back or knee strain.

Next course: Saturday 28th January

Level 2 – Basic servicing

Level 2 is where we tackle the jobs that need doing every six months or so. We show you how to change the gear and brake cables, how to replace the chain and brake blocks, as well as checking and maintaining the bike’s main mechanisms to keep everything running smoothly.

Next course – Saturday 4th February

Level 3 – Full servicing

Any bike will benefit from a proper ‘deep’ service at least once a year. On the Level 3 course we dismantle various parts of the bike for cleaning and re-greasing, looking at the hubs, headset, and bottom bracket. We also cover replacing broken spokes and truing wheels.

Next course: Sat 11th February

The first course you take with us will cost £40. Each subsequent course will then cost £5 less, so any two courses would cost £75, and any three £105. We want to make the courses as affordable and accessible as possible, so these discounts apply over any length of time, and are even transferable between friends and family. Each course is limited to six participants; contact us for information on availability.

One to one – you and your bike

For a truly personalised course, why not book a private session with one of our mechanics? We have worked with many different types of riders: commuters, long distance touring riders, cross county mountainbikers, and triathletes, as well as individuals in charge of maintaining the family bike fleet. We design a course that suits you. One to one sessions can be booked at any time, and cost £60 for three hours for either one or two participants.